Create or Update your Last Will and Testament

Morgan JonesCreate or Update your Last Will and Testament




“I’m too young to need a Will.”


“My family will know what to do with my possessions.”


“I already did my Will; I’m all set for the rest of my life.”





Unless you are under the age of 18 or just updated your Will very recently, you may need to put “Last Will and Testament” on your to do list.  It is unlikely that your family knows exactly what you want done with each of your assets, but even if they do, they need to prove to the Probate Court that know, and that is where an accurate and current Last Will and Testament can save the day.


If you already have a Will, take a look at it and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I still live in the State where this was created?
  • I’m I still comfortable with all of the directives in this Will, up to and including who is my named Executor?
  • Have I had any major life events since this Will such as marriage, divorce, or the birth or death of a child, etc…?

In addition, there can be a lot more to Estate Planning than just a Will.  Maybe you want to set up your assets to avoid Probate altogether.  Depending on your specific situation, that may be a possibility.

Our team can help you with your total Estate Planning in Vermont or New Hampshire.  Reach out to us for a consultation to see what Estate Plan documents and strategies would fit your needs the best.