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Decato Law Office has a superb staff of well-trained lawyers and legal staff. We are experienced in all areas of the legal process from the first client meeting to conclusion of our representation. We have the legal expertise, yet we never lose our focus on the individual. We pride ourselves on providing quality legal services in a compassionate manner. I know you will find Decato Law Office easy to partner with. – R. Peter Decato, Firm Director

Our Legal Services

Divorce & Family Law

Decato Law Office Legal Team has a depth of expertise concerning marriage, child custody, divorce, co-habitation agreements, reproductive rights.  Learn more…

Criminal Law

icon-handcuffs90With a successful history representing clients facing criminal proceedings, The Decato Law Office Legal Team understands the extremely complex process of being accused of a crime. We specialize in representing and supporting clients charged with a crime. Learn more…

Trial Work

icon-jury-box90Decato Law Office resolves legal disputes. We do this in a variety of ways: we litigate; we mediate; we negotiate; and we collaborate. We do whatever it takes to bring “boiling pots” to a simmer. We are in the “persuasion business.” Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome. Learn more…

Civil Litigation

icon-scales90For over 40 years, Decato Law Office continues to successfully represent plaintiffs and defendants alike in civil litigation to include accident, wrongful death, breach of contract, defamation and many more. If your case involves a courtroom and requests for damages, contact us today. Learn more…

Trusts & Estate Planning

If you pass away without a plan in place, your family members may be left to sort out legal and financial issues in court. Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, Health Care Directives.  Learn more…

Real Estate Law and Transactions

Decato Law Office provides high quality, expert legal services representing homeowners, renters, landlords, homebuyers and sellers in a wide range of real estate matters. Learn more...

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured, Decato Law Office can help you get compensation to make up for the harm caused. Learn more…


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