Real Estate Law

Buying or selling a home? Decato Law Office provides assistance
and protection throughout the real estate process.

When purchasing a new home, your lawyer will:

  • Explain the home-buying process, from purchase contract to title transaction
  • Ensure there are no covenants, easements, liens, and so forth against the property
  • Prepare and register legal documents
  • Explain the terms of the home loan and work with the bank on your behalf
  • Investigate assessments owing and expenses paid, prior to closing
  • Issue title insurance protection against losses due to title defects
  • Assist with closing
  • Ensure you receive a legitimate registered ownership, subject to your conditions

When selling a home, your lawyer will:

  • Review the portfolio, prepare the buy/sell agreement and negotiate on your behalf
  • Prepare the deed and power of attorney
  • Assist with transfer of security deposits
  • Assist with title issues
  • Assist with insurance certificates
  • Assist with closing

For Real Estate assistance and legal representation, contact Decato Law Office today at (603) 678-8000 or online.