Real Estate Geek – At Decato Law Office

Real estate geek – Loving the Work I do at Decato Law!

How did I end up in real estate law? Well, I went into law school determined to be a prosecutor, and came out hoping to have a job in the legal field at all. The job market being as it was, even with a nice resume of work experience between undergrad and law school the words “cum laud,” I spent the first year after law school working in retail. When an entry-level attorney position opened up at a law firm an hour from where I lived at the time, I jumped at it. It didn’t really matter what kind of work it was, I just needed to start somewhere. That particular firm was in a great place to have a good second home market needing attorneys for purchases and sales year round.

Now let’s back up for a minute to my geeky roots: I spent as much of my childhood summers as possible in a library. First of all, I grew up in Virginia and libraries are air conditioned… More importantly, I love books. I remember my first trip to the library in kindergarten. My parents had taught me to read from a very young age and I have loved to read ever since. When the librarian said we could check out books to take home I was overjoyed! “How many?” I asked. “How many books am I allowed?” As many as I wanted. It was like winning the book lottery! In high school I went to summer school every summer to accomplish my goal of graduating high school in a total of three years (more geekery) and in the afternoons after class I would volunteer for the summer reading program at the local library. Libraries are comforting to me. The smell of books is comforting and invokes happiness. I love libraries.

Now back closer to present day: When I stepped into a records vault to search a title and got a good whiff of it… it smelled like library! Then it got even more fun! Piecing together the story from a chain of title is a fun puzzle. I can imagine the characters involved and the parts they played. I can follow that 1/8 interest in great grandma’s homestead forward in time.

A couple of winters ago I was on a ski lift making the obligatory “ski lift small talk” and this conversation took place:

“What do you do?”
“I’m a lawyer.”
“Oh! What kind of law do you practice?”
“Real estate law.”
“I like it!”
“Well, someone has to…”
And that someone is me.

Written by Morgan Jones, EsquireKoala