What do Clients need from Law?

Written by Peter Decato

What Do Clients Need?

Most clients we see need information. When they come into our office, clients are often lost. They have come in because they have an unresolved legal problem and they don’t know what to do. Lawyers are often called “counselors at law” because they provide information and advice to clients. They give suggestions to a client. We believe clients need education and information about their legal problems. They also need to relate to someone comfortably so they can form a type of partnership in resolving their legal problem(s).

The Living Law. The law is a “living organism” or so it seems. When you go to law school, you sometimes hear that the law is a “jealous mistress”. That description is apt because it is easy to become captivated by the law and about what is right and wrong.

Legal advice key on keyboardThe law, in some ways, is nothing more than a debate over that very point – what is right and what is wrong. As we live our lives, we can see the law evolve.Our law begins with a pronunciation of “fundamental rights”. There is and always will be a great debate over what rights are fundamental and what rights are not.