Trial Experience and An Open Mind

Interesting way to use your C.A.RE in our Criminal Practice.

The court room is a different world which requires respect and experience. Peter Decato, Esquire., has 40 years of experience of litigation practice. He knows the courtroom.

However, he continues to learn and enriches our criminal litigation team each day. He finds enjoyment in building the knowledge base of other lawyers in our firm.

Working together we learn and gravitate toward a team approach to the cases we have in house. Understanding what it feels like to face a criminal charge and know your client is counting on you.

C.A.R.E. is an Investigative approach to interviewing.(An Investigative Way of Life). The training and book by Charles. E. Williams has been a great read for our office.

The litigation team found many thoughtful ideas and approaches as we worked through it.

Most Important, as we continue to stay informed and open-minded there is benefit to our clients.

Keeping our heads up, enjoy your weekend!Decato Law Office - Lebanon, NH