“A Story untold could be the one that kills you.” – Beach Music

The book “The Culture Code”, was an interesting read for our team.

The Culture Code
“An ingenious way to understand why people around the World live and buy as they do.” By – Clotaire Rapaille

Not only is the author fascinating, the basis of “The Culture Code” is often what we may experience in life. Some may be coded, characterized, perceived, etc. Between psychology and sociology there are dozens of definitions of what “coding may be”. It happens in the legal field as well.

Example, read the following and ask yourself if you get a picture in your mind of who this person is?

Drug Addict
Electric Repair TechLaw Concept
Dog lovers
At fault
Car Salesman

This list goes on and on.

Were you amazed? Did you think male or female? Did you think honest or liar? Did you think worthy or hopeless? Did you think of a particular age?

The research states our behavior between one another is significantly different if someone has described us beforehand.
The way the mind is connected to our ability to form quick connections between one word descriptions and human beings is powerful. Powerful in this lifetime.

Our team practices the skill of maintaining an open mind. We are asked to not pre-judge, assume or label anyone. Learning to listen and understand behavior is an important part of our practice.

Other great reads, should this interest you that come from varied fields include;

Criminology, The Core by Larry Siegel
Give and Take by Adam Grant
David Ball on Damages by David Ball
Fat Girl by Judith Moore

Unique books. Powerful Books.