We see addiction, drug and alcohol problems often with cases we work with. The research indicates that Family,Criminal and Civil Law etc., all have an aspect of one, if not all of these entangled in any given case.

The Mayo Clinic and The National Department of Drugs and Alcohol provide some of the latest and most scholarly research which you can gain access to online.

New Hampshire and Vermont both have excellent websites providing information on the connection between addiction and legal issues. Also, the connection between addiction and divorce, childhood trauma, crime and community. Believe it or not, all these issues create a community.

LDAC’s – Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors are experts in the field of addiction. Many states require LDACs to become licensed. Both New Hampshire and Vermont do.

Using such experts in our law firms is imperative when working with clients. The more understanding a lawyer has of his/her client is a vital part of providing service. The greater knowledge base a lawyer offers to a client is critical. The interest to learn about “things”; not just the “law” creates the experiences each lawyer brings to their clients and cases. It is how we become unique.