Finding your Craft: my love for Transactional Law

Finding your Craft: my love of transactional law – By Morgan Jones, Esquire – Decato Law Office

I recently realized that there is a parallel between my love of transactional law in my love of crafts.  If I’m not lawyering or exercising, I’m crafting.  I knit, I sew, I embroider, I draw, I paint, I cook, I do woodworking…

I love to imagine a thing and figure out how to make that thing.  To think to myself, “Self, I want to get us there, to that thing, how do we get there?  How do we turn this pile of stuff into that thing we want?”

Next, I get to build the thing.  I get to watch it form from my own efforts out of a collection of raw materials.

That is one of the main things I enjoy about transactional law.  I love for a client to tell me: “I want to get here; to this house,” or “I want to leave this to my family when I pass, and I want them to be able to use it this way.”  Then I can look at the tools we have to get my client there.  Yes, sometimes we can’t get there, just like you can’t knit a scarf with apples or bake a tasty pie with yarn.  So we readjust the goal to something we can make with the tools and materials we have available to us.

There is a satisfying culmination of efforts in transactional law:  the closing of the real estate transaction, the execution of the estate planning documents, etc… which is much like the satisfaction of finishing any craft project.