Emotions and Law (The Family Law side of House)

icon-divorce-lawyerNH90Having emotions “does” happen as you work through any legal process. It is normal, expected and should be respected.

Family Law involves so many parts of our lives, families and children it is normal to feel the process. As these legal cases start, change and end it is normal to have feelings.

In my experience it is important to have support at any time in your life. However, when choosing a lawyer for legal matters hire someone who is passionate about family law.

Look at the team that works with the lawyer you choose. Will you be working with a team or just your lawyer? Do you have access to the paralegals also working on your file? Is there more than one paralegal? What experience does the firm carry? How are you attended to at your lawyer’s office?

The moment we are hired to represent a client the Decato Law Office team is in your corner. You are surrounded by professionals who not only exceed in their chosen profession but also truly care about the outcomes for our clients.

DLO has Lawyers with 40 years of experience and paralegals with 25+ years of experience. In addition, these paralegals have worked with Decato Law Office for their entire careers. They understand loyalty and commitment. That is important!

We also have strong advocates learning to take their extensive knowledge and expertise applying it to the law.

We have a history, present and future!

We all see lawyers from a different spectrum.

I am certain the lawyers, paralegals and supporting staff at Decato Law Office invests in our clients as they invest in us.

Maybe this makes us a “different” type of law firm?

If so, we are proud of it!