Unless you enter the tiger’s den….

“Unless you enter the tiger’s den, you cannot take the cubs” – Japanese Proverb

I think of real estate, our homes, and the places we dwell as our tiger’s den.

There is something about where we choose to live.  Probably people might say more about how we live, but the where does matter.

If you believe that the foundation begins at home, we then become marveled at what home really means to us. Our homes are one of the largest expressions of who we are.  All the individualism and creativity put into our homes could be endless.  Do we choose our homes by what we wish to put into them or choose by what we plan to build within them?

The image of home takes us all to a different place.  For some, their home is their tiger’s den.  The place which we gain strength and support the health of our loved ones.  Our tiger dens are where we find shelter when every other place in the world does not give us peace.  Tigers build there dens with warmth, strength, intuition, faith, muscle and love.  Tigers make their den’s the ultimate protection of all they care about.

It is funny when we begin to look at “houses” to buy and places to call home, nowadays.  What was once a sense of reaching a particular point in our lives is now different?  Not less, not more, just different.

Our homes create meaning to our lives. A palace to some, a place of faith for others, I find it much like a tiger’s den.  I want to dwell in warmth.  Shelter is expression.  Our homes tell stories.

The Real Estate Team at Decato Law Office realizes the importance of a real-estate transaction.  We treat each transaction in a unique manner for all our clients.

We realize each client approaches their real-estate transaction personally, whether floating in the dream of a palace, finding a spot that allows them to feel free or a structure that provides a foundation for their family.  Each transaction matters!

I might believe our homes are like tiger’s dens, but I know the DLO Real Estate Team believes your real estate transaction can be whatever you choose for it to be.