IMG_0834Hoping you enjoyed your weekend with family, friends and loved ones.

Decato Law Office starts off this week with a post about what makes us all human.

Emotions are the equalizer among us. The latest scientific research continues to show the parts of the brain connected to our emotions “win”. The war between feeling and understanding continues to be a battle. Before we realize it, we are far ahead of understanding why we might feel a certain way. Often we feel, and then try to understand.

If we are like most, understanding ourselves is that last stop we take on the journey called life. Lucky are the few that somehow realize that before we can understand our actions, or for that matter another’s actions, we might want to understand who we are.

Attorney Decato has been blogging about what he might look for in a Trial Lawyer. I find that great Trial Lawyers take the time to try to understand you. Our clients have a story to tell. Our litigation team wants to give your story justice.

However, it is amazing what the outside noise in our lives begins to chant. I have listened to the chanting before. You may have too. It whirls around you like the wind and wraps you up like a candy apple. Sometimes we feel harden. Sometimes we feel stuck. Sometimes the twirling does not stop.

Each day I work with Attorney Decato he reflects upon the importance of helping our clients move ahead, tell their stories aloud and supporting those who hire us to give counsel. The giving and receiving of strength only reveals itself when we allow others to help us.

No one has all the answers. We often wish we did. But the answers are the depth of who you are hidden by something called life. Clients place their trust in us. Decato Law Office gets that. The trust runs both ways. We believe in the service we are hired to provide. We believe in helping others by lending strength to their story.

When you find your Trial Attorney for an important time in your life (should it occur) – look them straight in the face and ask…… Will I be able to count on you?.

There is only one answer to that question that works. You will feel it. The answer will be clear, one you will understand and feel its clarity. When you leave any meeting with your Attorney walk away feeling stronger.

With Respect –

Keely Marie, Senior Law Clerk