Engage in What You Do

Just finished reading …
Parental Alienation: The Handbook for Mental Health and Legal Professionals. By Demosthenes Lorandos, William Bernet and S. Richard Sauber
This is a topic interesting to Family Law, however a family itself has so many pieces to its framework. One lawyer once told me to be reminded that lawyers may be referred to as “counselor”.
Good Morning Counselor!
Not only are the legal minds here at Decato Law Office interested in keeping ourselves aware of the laws, we also have an interest in the health and well being of our clients. For that matter, we have an interest in the health and well being of ourselves.
“We are only as good to each other as we are to ourselves.”
Lawyers differ. What drived one lawyer to find themselves in the legal profession may be what another lawyer has no interest in. All professions get a bad sting once in awhile. Most people get stung too.
What you believe in matters.
What you desire as a client of any professional matters.
Most of the time no one has a savings account for needing a lawyer. 86% of people who end up sitting in front of a lawyer, never imagined they would be there.
If you do get in front of a lawyer at some time in your life, ask questions. Ask the questions that are important to you. We should all be able to believe in whomever we hire.
Start there.
I truly believe that our crew at DLO understands the 86% of people sitting in front of us, who never thought they would be. Also, I believe that teach of us at DLO cares about the outcomes.
Lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, electricians, school-bus drivers, long haul truckers … you name it. None is better than the other. But it is fair to hope that the people in any particular field are skilled, engaged and want to make a difference with whatever they choose to do.
Parental Alienation might not be on other lawyers reading list.
We kept it on ours and believe we will only benefit from the read.
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