Addiction, Substance Abuse, Mental Illness and the Law

Legal advice key on keyboardAcross the country you are starting see special court systems.
New Hampshire and Vermont, in some areas, are starting to understand the complexity of these types of legal cases.
Those initiatives will be resourceful in the future of our communities. Addiction, substance abuse and/or mental Illness slide themselves into every area of law, because addiction, substance abuse and/or mental illness do not discriminate.
These things CAN and DO happen to Anyone.
Research indicates more than 88 percent of Americans are touched by one of the three areas at sometime in their lives.
With 76% of the population at some point having legal issues surrounding addiction, substance abuse and/or mental illness.
We cannot ignore the changes happening in our society.
Well, we can ignore them, but the cycle will continue.
Our goal is to bring these issues to the forefront for lawyers. I believe Decato Law Office will be a leader in this field, because we want our communities to thrive.
Lawyers should be working with MLDAC’s, treatment centers and experts in this field.
Lawyers should be working with the Courts and sentences that include treatment.
Lawyers should use their craft to educate, build awareness and help others.
There is so much we can do.
Families are being destroyed. People are having their children taken away from them. Our local economy cannot thrive unless we welcome all to the workforce, Veterans are being forced to deal with personal issues because they served our country and returning home is difficult for them. Children are imprisoned at a much earlier age and we all start to wonder who is behind the wheel of a car and what condition are they in?
People are dying.
Lawyers can/need to be part of the process of assistance and change.
Decato Law Office has that team in house and will remain dedicated to making things happen!
Keely Marie