Choosing Lawyers and Legal Teams – Upper Valley Insight

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Missed a few days of social media.

We have been advocating for clients in courtrooms in both NH and VT the last two weeks. Trial attorneys or lawyers who regularly are in court rooms throughout their career are different than lawyers who work from their office.

All lawyers will bring their own unique qualities, as we are all different human beings. We all approach things differently.

The most important thing for a client is to understand the case or legal matter you are dealing with. What type, experience, background and history would best support your legal argument.

We are building trust between the lawyer and client from the first time we meet. This working relationship is essential to have.

Lastly, each Law Office is different.

Some have receptionists who answer the phone, some use phone systems. Some firms have 10 paralegals, some have 1. Some have a webpage, some do not. Some provide client testimonials some do not. Their are options. Their are many good options. There are many outstanding options. Good news for people with legal matters.

The question is what does your legal matter need? What do you need to move forward with often time tough decisions?

Ultimately, your lawyer will be dealing with many legal matters at one time and her/his support staff are key.

Ask those questions, meet with these people, bring written questions to the first meeting, etc.

“You” matter.

You should feel comfortable with the team you have representing you.

Thank you for choosing our team with your important life matters.