We’ve launched our new website

Decato Law Office is reconstructing its website. Reconstruction is necessary as we want to build a site that allows us to better interact with our clients. We want feedback (questions and comments) from our clients and former clients. We are improving our website to allow that communication exchange to happen more efficiently.

Decato Law Office is dedicated toward providing excellent legal counsel. Part of this counseling effort involves educating our clients/potential clients about the law and about how Decato Law Office goes about resolving legal problems. We believe the best client is a well- informed client. To become well-informed, clients need information (lots of it). We hope to give people the information they need so they can attack their problems intelligently and effectively.

I liken the practice of law to walking in a minefield. Where are the mines located? How can I navigate through the minefield without injuring myself? Walking safely through a minefield requires a map that locates the mines so we can avoid them. While all of the mines can’t be detected, many can. Aren’t you better off knowing where some of the mines are located than not knowing where any of them are?

The mission of our website is the same as our general mission: we seek to act as a general practice law firm in the trial and transactional areas, providing quality legal services at a fair price, in state and federal courts in both New Hampshire and Vermont.

We intend to use our website to show the public the following:

  1. we have the experience to handle their legal problem(s);
  2. we have the courage and energy to properly handle their problem(s);
  3. we are able/willing to form a partnership with our clients in resolving their problems;
  4. we are willing to make our clients well-informed clients. Our new website will help us accomplish this.

If you like what we are attempting to do, drop us a line at decatolaw@decatolaw.com.