Trial Days

When a Few Days Pass

A few days have passed since our last post.

Although we believe the weekends are for family, friends and loved ones, during the week we like to stay in touch.

Last week, however, Jury Trials were taking place. We were representing our clients feverishly. We must. We should. Trial attorney’s have that fire in their belly.

Attorney Peter Decato has that fire in his belly and a fierce willingness to be courageous. It takes courage to believe in things when many others do not. It takes courage to put efforts into something that you truly have no true way of knowing what a jury will decide.

Have you been in a court room lately? Have you been to a Jury Trial? Not what you see on TV or the Movies, but real life?

There is an energy that fills the courtroom which continues to humble me. Our justice system is like no other. Judges are admirable. Attorney’s battle like athlete’s in a court room. The process is filled with moving parts, emotions and life-long outcomes. Outside the court room life goes on.

Explaining the feelings of waiting in a small room for the Jury Verdict with hours passing is almost impossible. When it becomes days awaiting a verdict the intensity rises. There is so much at stake.

As the hours pass you are overtaken by thoughts shooting through your mind like stars in the sky. There is conversation about the deepest of moments in our lives. Also, conversation about the silly things that make life interesting. While conversing everyone waits for a verdict with our hearts beating faster and faster.

We missed a few days of Facebook and social media posting during these jury trials. But, I can promise the time not spent on posting was centered around justice for another human being.

After the verdict a few days need to pass before your mind starts to take direct paths from one place to another. You get back to social media, the shifting of paper and your heart slows down.

What holds true, no matter how many days pass, is both here in the Decato Law Office and in the honorable courtroom we represent a part of human being’s lives. We get it. I get it.

People matter.

Keely Marie, Senior Law Clerk

Decato Law Office in Lebanon, NH. (603) 678-8000

Decato Law Office in Lebanon, NH. (603) 678-8000