The Trial Attorney at Decato Law Office

The Trial Attorney

Lately, reading many books on amazing trial attorney’s and spending a great deal of time in the court room reaffirms why I I want to be a trial attorney. Also, how grateful I am to have a 40 year trial attorney willing to take the time to teach me his craft. There is no better way to learn than doing.

Whether you respect lawyers or not is a personal choice. But, someday you may need a lawyer and if you do. choose one that will “Stand Up”.

Research shows the following is true of most trial attorney’s;

1. They have no standard work week. There are no hours of which they expect to keep. They become part of each and every case.

2. They do not like “Bullies”. Bullies show up in the legal field more often than not. The research shows that trial attorney’s have had or been involved with bullies at one point in their lives.

3. They like the courtroom. Trial attorney’s use their office to organize, understand, develop and build their cases for the court room.

4. One article indicated that trial attorney’s often feel their is a misconception about their craft. That is, they like to fight. Which is actually furthest from the truth for most. A trial attorney likes; justice, a belief in the jury system and is open to learning as much as they can about any given subject to be prepared for trial.

5. Research also indicates that successful trial attorney061s have a small level of fear. The fear is based upon the desire to represent your client. If you are in a courtroom, lives are about to be change. The fear of what any changes means to your client, his/her family and life, should weigh heavy on a trial attorney’s heart.

These are just a few I thought were interesting and wanted to share with you. Make no mistake about it, Family, Criminal, Civil law may and do, end up in a courtroom. Some cases belong in mediation, some do not. It is what it is.

Ask your lawyer how many times he/she has taken a case to trial? How many times he/she has been in a courtroom? There are all types of successful lawyers. Each excel at different things,

I would want Peter Decato, Esq., standing beside me in court. I know he would do all he could to fight for justice and he has committed himself to passing his skill along to the next generation of lawyers.

Decato Law Office will live on and see many more courtrooms!

Keely Marie