The Spartan, Esq.

We are all just real people… even Lawyers!

Written by Morgan Jones

Spartan, Esq.

Have you heard of a Spartan Race? They are probably the most well-known, widest-spread obstacle races in the world which originated in Killington, Vermont. There are three basic levels of the Spartan Races: Sprint, Super, and Beast. Every year in September, Killington hosts a Spartan Beast obstacle race which is 12+ miles and 30+ obstacles.

The Spartan Race also partners with the Wounded Warrior Project to gather donations and support their cause.

I came into athletics a bit late in life. Without boring you with the whole story of my athletic journey, I did not run a full mile until I was 21 and I didn’t really discover what I could accomplish athletically until my early 30s. Once I unlocked that door for myself, I wanted to know how far I could go, and the Spartan Beast is known as “The” obstacle race to challenge yourself. I talked about it for a couple of years and the race came and went and came and went… then in 2014, I signed up in the spring as soon as registration was open to lock myself in and shut out my excuses. I talked one of my best friends into going with me and I trained as best as I could while keeping up with the rest of my life. The week before, I got a cold… but there was no way I was bowing out. By the day of the race I felt better, but stuffy. I now know how many miles we did that day (16+ up and down Killington mountain 4 times), but I never did track how many times I blowed my nose.

We were nervous at the starting line, sure of ourselves a few miles in, and swearing to never do it again by the time we jumped over the fire at the finish line 11 hours and 20 minutes later.
Two days later, while I was still nursing many sore muscles, we were set on the idea of doing it again and as soon as registration opened up for 2015 we signed right back up.

The sense of accomplishment is fantastic. The spirit built by helping a friend over obstacles and trusting strangers to help me was without compare.

This Saturday my best friend and I, crazy though we may be, are doing it again. Monday I will limp my way back into the office and hopefully tell you all a tale of bonding and accomplishment… and a shorter finish time.Morgan Racing