Our Well-Being Matters – Your Well Being Matters

Headed into the new year Decato Law Office wanted to spend a bit of time on “Well-Being” for each of us.

Stress could become a lifestyle without us knowing our lives have changed. Each situation brings different levels of stress.

For some… the law … brings stress (we get it)


There becomes a time in the stages of change where people acknowledge that they have a problem and begin to seriously think about making healthier lifestyle changes. We want to explore in depth the level of our unhealthy lifestyle choices.

We want to understand.

Self-Assessments are difficult under any circumstances. Under stress, self-assessments, could seem like another thing on the “to do” list. Actually, self-assessments are powerful tools toward change.

The challenges that arise during self-assessment we all share. We each may find our own interpreted way toward making changes in our lives. But it can be done.

We will work on some of these as we head into the new year. Anyone working within the Family Law system might find one valuable tool. Or families in general. Simply people.IMG_0834