Education, Awareness and Understanding (EAU)

Education, Awareness and Understanding of a multi-disciplinary approach is needed in the field of Law.

For example…

Let’s look at a family law case…

If approached from a multi-disciplinary spectrum a family law case might include; mental illness, elder abuse, addiction, loss, anxiety, fear, financial challenges, stress, child & family services, mediation, abuse, neglect, health concerns, etc.

Education is continuous in all areas and not one solution fits all families. Law school is one part of the equation as we approach the changes in society.

Awareness starts from day one. An ability to manage a case and be aware of the stress and challenges it may create for a client.

Example, if working with a client with mental illness, is there an awareness of “triggers” while working with this particular client.

Understanding is that place of empathy for each person you meet. A foundation of “understanding” that each person has a unique story. We must take the time to wholeheartedly listen to these stories. The courts are now faced with new issues regarding mental health, addiction, etc. These types of cases are on the rise in both NH and Vermont.

New Hampshire is among the top five states in the country battling a heroin crisis. Vermont is challenged to find foster care and homes for children needing safe environments.

The Valley News, this weekend, had a front page story about Veterans and the rate of homelessness these men and women are facing.

It all comes together.

Our courts are in the middle of communities setting standards for citizens. These courts are being challenged to understand or be aware of varied topics. Topics that will have a place in our legal system. Our approach will be the key to transition from what was and what is.

Our communities need help with transitioning into the new world we live in. Approaching the law with (EAU) Education, Awareness and Understanding is helpful for the diversity of clients we service.
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Latest News – Decato Law Office in Lebanon, NH. (603) 678-8000