Defense Lawyers in Vermont and New Hampshire

Defense Lawyers find themselves working with clients in many different ways.  The difference between hiring a defense lawyer and just any lawyer is critical when an accusation is directed your way.

Decato Law Office has both Vermont and New Hampshire advocates, bringing over 30 years of aggressive representation in these states.

Should you be facing any serious penalties or time in prison, you will want to have the best criminal defense lawyer fighting for you.  Some of the crucial elements of an exceptional plan to fight any accusation include…….

  • A history of working with the prosecution previously
  • The understanding of the sentencing programs
  • Find and hire “expert witnesses” to present evidence
  • Knowledge of important legal rules and regulations
  • Experience navigating a case through the state legal system
  • Actual time spent in a courtroom defending someone in a jury trial
  • Levels of communication Verbal, Vocal and Physical
  • Understanding how your defense lawyer chooses a jury
  • Explain the consequences of pleading guilty
  • Open communication with you as emotions work their way into your case

We will get whatever we need to handle whatever your case demands of us.Decato Law Office - Lebanon, NH