Decato Law Office – Who are we?

I have been reading up on why people dislike lawyers so much. You would think I would know, however I still believe in our justice system.

The number one reason seems to have less to do with the knowledge of law and more to do with business practices. I have confidence in my ability as a lawyer. I am intrigued by every part of my career. (40+ yrs)

I have found the business practices are best left to my management team.

After reporting to them the contents of the articles I was reviewing, the following was their response to me.

What makes a successful law office, my question to them.

The team reminded me, the following five business practices are best for the client;

1. Make certain your client understands the law and DLO’s process of putting cases together.Clients should be aware of the status of their case(s) at all times. To the best of our ability.

2. A true cost estimate. Show the client how the costs are incurred and allow them to decide what option is best for them financially. The idea of a client receiving a hefty bill at the end of service is not our goal. Rather, an up front approach, with a written retainer and proper management of all files.

3. Understanding not all clients are available to meet between 9-5 on week days. It is important to offer evening and weekend appointments. Clients should feel attended to during their consults, not rushed through the door.

4. The strength of our paralegal staff is important for all to understand in the process. Our paralegals have been with this firm for over 30 years. They understand the law, foster healthy relationships between all in the judiciary system and have the experience of working with the changes of our justice system. They are vital to our team and invest in our clients wholeheartedly.

5. Keep listening, learning and progressing.

Stay aware of changes in the judiciary system prior to their occurrence and prepared to be ready to meet those changes. Great example, the changes coming on August 1 in regards to real estate transactions. We will be ready.

Learning more about our community each year. Committing to giving back to the community, while supporting local business. When our community does well – we all do well.

Progressing with software, training, charitable goals, assistance with Veterans needs, support of local business success and openness to change should that be needed.

I have a management team dedicated to clients. I see this in their response.

Practice does not always lead to perfection. It does lead to continuing practice and eventually good outcomes.