Decato Law Office and our Military Families

Decato Law Office wants to continue to support those in the military, as well as Veterans that may need legal assistance.


Decato Law Office

… alone….

Peter Decato has served in the military.

Both of his daughters have served in the military.

Both of his son-in-laws have served in the military.

Janine Teeter ( DLO 28 years) has a son in the military.

I (Keely Marie) have a brother in-law in the military and many people close to my heart. So many.

Morgan Jone’s father is a Veteran

I wold venture a guess most of us have close friends, loved ones and families involved with men and women who have served in our military. Serving right now!

I am certain many of you are the same. List their names and be proud.

Decato Law Office has a conference room dedicated to Veterans. It is one of the most treasured rooms in our building. So much history is shared on these walls.

Our firm practices in Family, Criminal and Civil Law. Also,being
in the Upper Valley, we practice in both NH and VT.

I will be focusing some of our upcoming posts on the help and support that is available to military families in our communities..

With Respect-
Keely MarieVeterans Day