Attorney Marilyn Billings McNamara

Attorney Marilyn Billings McNamara, who formerly practiced law in Lebanon, has passed away.
When I heard of Marilyn’s passing, I was shocked as I wasn’t aware that she was ill. Had I known she was ill, I would have reached out to her. If I had connected with her, I would have told
her how remarkable I found her to be. She was a caring and capable colleague who was professional in every way imaginable.
I enjoyed having her as an opponent. The “fight was always
fair.” Indeed, I used to kid Marilyn by telling her that she should just tell me what she wants because she knows in the end, I will likely make sure she gets it. She had “her way” if you know
what I mean.
I recall that Marilyn moved to Amherst. I remember her working with the Bar Association for a good period of time. I would see her at the Pro Bono Golf Tournament. She tried to dress up
as a golfer but I was fairly certain that golf wasn’t her game. Nevertheless, she always looked fabulous in her golf hat.
Marilyn was 65 years of age at the time of her death. This is much too young for her to pass. She should had more opportunity to make people smile. She should have had additional chances to make clients happy.
When I looked at Marilyn’s obituary, I was surprised to find out that she was born in Watertown, New York. Watertown is the home of Fort Drum, New York. I’m no stranger to Watertown as I spent many weeks there when I was in the New Hampshire Army National Guard.
According to her obituary, “(A)mongst several childhood hometowns Marilyn especially cherished her memories from Association Island in New York where she ran free with her siblings.” If Marilyn was still amongst us, I would ask her what that term meant – “ran free.” I would enjoy poking her over that comment. I can only hope, now that she is in heaven, that she is again “running free.”
I knew how proud Marilyn was of her children (Sean and Nora) as we would speak about our children whenever we had the opportunity. I knew that her son, Sean, had become an attorney.
I knew she was understandably proud of both children, but Sean stands out because he became an attorney, like his mother.
You can imagine how sad I was to learn that Marilyn had to endure Sean’s death first and then endure her own. According to the obituary – “It was Marilyn’s wish that expressions of
sympathy be donated to her 6-year-old grandson’s educational trust which will help fund her grandson’s bright future.
The loss of Marilyn has struck her family only nine months after the loss of her son, Sean Billings McNamara.” It doesn’t seem fair that Sean died. It doesn’t seem fair that Marilyn died soon thereafter. Perhaps, people truly can die of broken hearts.
Marilyn is a person who didn’t deserve to suffer at all. She was kind to all. She was witty and very smart. I will miss her as I suspect everyone who ever knew her will miss her.
In closing, I would like to send Marilyn an Irish blessing:
“Marilyn – May God grant you a generous share of
With respect, Peter