One Difference Between Mediation and Having an Attorney in a Divorce Case

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Latest News – Decato Law Office in Lebanon, NH. (603) 678-8000

There may be many differences, ultimately we would suggest the following are important factors to consider.

An attorney can only represent one of you in the divorce case. It is a conflict of interest for an attorney to represent both of the parties to a divorce. On the other hand, a mediator (may be an attorney) is not representing either party in the divorce. Rather, the mediator is hired by both parties in order to assist the parties in resolving their differences amicably.

If you decide to choose an attorney to represent you (solely) explore your options. It is a benefit to have an experienced family law attorney representing you. If facts and issues of law are not properly placed before the court, the results could be very different than otherwise expected.

The same holds true for mediation and finding a mediator both parties feel comfortable with. Again, explore your options. Each mediator has a different style, technique and ideas. Find one which you believe in their approach.

Another approach might be finding the services which would make the process less difficult for your particular situation. Also, what are the issues which need to be agreed upon? These issues are personal and unique to each situation.

Just remember you have options. Find what works for you.

– DLO Team